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What is the J.S. Bryant School?


The first therapeutic high school of  LGBTQ+ teens

The 1870 historic inn (below left) will be  the initial home for the J.S. Bryant School as the Learning and Wellness campus when it opens Fall 2025 as a private day school of 35 students. Spaces for learning, wellness, the arts, and eating will be housed in this 5,300 sq ft building on 5 acres of land adjacent to a river and wildlife management area. All students will end their day at the nearby 300 acre farming campus (below right) for field studies and afternoon school-wide farming arts.

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The J.S Bryant School is Committed to ...

The J.S Bryant School is committed to the shared work of co-creating and maintaining a safe, inclusive, and equitable environment of LGBTQ+ individuals within our education system. We are committed to and accountable for creating a high quality and culturally sensitive learning and caring school.


We recognize that students of different sexual orientations, gender identity, and gender expressions have the lived-experience of intersectional identities via race, ethnicity, culture, age, ability status, class, faith, and other social characteristics. We are committed to promoting equality and respect for all people.


We recognize that our school is built on a spectrum of privilege including members of the LGBTQ+ community, committed allies, and people of varied economic means, educational access, race, and ability status. We believe working with a diverse group is necessary to bring our vision to fruition for the J.S. Bryant School and address inequities rooted in systemic injustice and oppression in the community we serve. We are confident that this will result in a stronger organization and experience for our students.


Posted May 25, 2024

We Value Action ...

We value action and have begun the following shared work. We expect that this will evolve during 2024 and new actions will emerge as we open our school in Fall 2025.


  • Expand board of directors and staffing to be majority members of the LGBTQ+ community that evolves to serve the growing needs of the school.

  • Co-identification of shared readings to enable discussion and growth among staff, the board of directors, and community.

  • Co-design with members of the J.S. Bryant School and our surrounding communities to develop a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) strategic plan for the school.

  • Explore new on-going professional development possibilities for the J.S. Bryant School community that moves forward our actions in support of the DEIB strategic plan.

  • Partner with organizations to celebrate the strength, resilience, and brilliance of the LGBTQ+ community by working towards equality, acceptance, and well-being for all people.

A First of its Kind

Currently, there are no therapeutic day or boarding schools in the country that focus on this population of students with a full staff trained to specifically support and/or have lived-experiences in gender-affirming living and learning.

With Massachusetts and New York reporting the greatest numbers of teens that identify as LGBTQ+, the location of the school can serve a deep need. The J.S. Bryant School will combine the arts, farming entrepreneurship, and climate innovation to support learning excellence. J. S. Bryant students will have the opportunity each day to learn with an integrative curriculum of immersive full-day coursework that is project-based and hands-on, surrounded by farming, art studios, and a deep focus on sustainability and climate innovation. The school curriculum will meet the state and local education standards for high school graduation.

Get Involved


Together we can make this dream a reality. To renovate our learning and wellness center, and to build a residential campus, resources are needed for design and construction. Please consider supporting the school today through our donation button below. Thank you.

J.S. Bryant is a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible. 

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