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Common Questions

Why is the J.S. Bryant School being launched? - Teens need support for anxiety and depression and the most under-served teens can also need additional support in understanding their sexual orientation or gender identity. Being surrounded by an affirming and inclusive community that has similar lived experiences and/or the intensive training needed to support this journey is critical. - The founders of the school learned this because they were looking for a school for their own kid. He struggled, and they struggled as parents with him to find a school path that made sense. This experience inspired the founders to launch a school that can help families like themselves. There isn't a therapeutic day or boarding school that can offer what they needed in the Berkshires or even the Northeast.

Why are there two campuses for the J.S. Bryant School? - The 1870 historic inn will be the initial home for the J.S. Bryant School as the Learning and Wellness campus when it opens Fall 2025 as a day school for 35 students. Spaces for learning, wellness, the arts, and eating will be housed in this 5,300 sq ft building on 5 acres of land adjacent to a river and wildlife management area. All students will end their day at the nearby 300 acre farming campus (below right) for field studies and afternoon school-wide farming arts.

How will the school be structured? - It’s therapeutic - It’s a high school - It focuses on LGBTQ+ kids - Phase one of the school will launch in 2025 as a private, not-for-profit therapeutic day school for its first 35 students. - Our goal in the next decade: 125 student residential +day therapeutic school

What will students learn at the school? - The J.S. Byrant School will uphold the Massachusetts learning standards that will enable all students to graduate and go on to college or be ready for the workforce. - Creative arts- students will explore the creative arts through teaching artists in a large studio, and the arts will be a part of every student’s curriculum. - Farming entrepreneurship- all students will participate in the farm every day - Picking fruit - Feeding animals - Blazing trails - Making Cheese / Processing Milk (goats / sheep) - Running the farm stand - Climate Innovation / Justice- all students will learn how a farm can be sustainable; they will understand how organic farming is important, they will explore how greywater can be used for farming. - Wellness- It is expected that all students will learn to be resilient & ready for change. - Through therapeutic support- J.S. Bryant School students will become comfortable with being curious, creative, courageous, & community-minded.

When will the doors open to students and the community? - The school will open its doors in Fall 2025 as a therapeutic day school. Currently, improvements to the facilities and grounds have begun in preparation for our school launch. - In the meantime, there will be public activities in the context of farming education, arts entrepreneurship, and climate innovation. Look out for community walks on the farm, to creative arts festivals. - The school has begun partnering with the LGBTQ+ community, the healthcare community, the business community, the learning community, and the cultural community to develop the school.

How did you pick the name of the school? The J.S. Bryant School is named for Julia Sands Bryant, the daughter of William Cullen Bryant. Julia was in a committed relationship with a woman yet could not feel comfortable living at the Bryant Homestead, so spent a great deal of her adult life living in Paris, where she felt more accepted in her sexual orientation. In hopes that no person has to leave Massachusetts to find a home that is accepting, affirming, and supportive, the school is named in Julia Sands Bryant’s honor.

How can you get involved? - There are public activities in the context of farming education, arts entrepreneurship, and climate innovation. Additionally, there are many ways to volunteer with us in-person as we develop what is needed to open our doors. Please visit our Events page for an updated calendar of opportunities. - In the next few years the school will be hiring professionals that can support teaching, wellness, farming, food services and facilities. - Is there someone you would like to honor in giving a donation to the building of the school? Use our donate button below to help today.

What is your Non-Profit Tax Information? - The J.S. Bryant School is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Donors can deduct contributions they make to us under IRC Section 170. We are listed as a public charity under 170(b)(1)(A)(ii). - Our Employer ID Number is 88-1356246. - If you need our mailing address, please contact us.


Together we can make this dream a reality. To renovate our learning and wellness center, and to build a residential campus, resources are needed for design and construction. Please consider supporting the school today through our donation button below. Thank you.


J.S. Bryant is a private 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable organization.
Your donations are tax-deductible. 

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